Brisbane continues to grow as a major city and regional Queensland is becoming more productive. This has created a higher demand for freight services, particularly for Melbourne to Brisbane transport and return. This route is completed regularly by our experienced freight transport carriers ensuring the safe delivery of your goods.

Our drivers undergo rigorous safety training and are extremely respectful of both road safety and their responsibilities to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. This ensures they are responsible for their fatigue management procedures while on the road. Our reliable service means we work tirelessly to get your commercial freight delivered on time. 

Experts in Melbourne to Brisbane Freight Transport

Not sure where to start? Our logistics team are highly experienced in interstate transport and can help you with your freight from Brisbane to Melbourne. We can offer multiple quotes and transport your delivery with ease.

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Brisbane Office

07 3344 4455 | 71 Bellrick St, Acacia Ridge, QLD Australia

The Brisbane Depot is conveniently located in a major industrial centre. This means we can get on the road and start moving your freight from Brisbane to Melbourne as soon as possible. Simply book online or place a quote request for your business cargo.   

Our Brisbane office is our main hub for all things transport and logistics. We are highly experienced in interstate freight, which includes freight transport and delivery to various destinations in Sydney and Melbourne.


For decades now, the Richers Family have been providing truck transport from Brisbane to major Australian capital cities. Our highly experienced operations team and certified drivers work systematically to get your freight delivered where it needs to be reliably and with the utmost professionalism.


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Need Freight Transport Outside of Brisbane and Melbourne?


Our specialty team can help you with freight from Melbourne to Brisbane and a wide range of areas in Queensland. We can plan out your freight delivery based on your requirements. Maybe you need to go further than Brisbane? Or stop at a rural location along the way?

If so, chat to our team, there is plenty we can do to get your deliveries where they need to be with efficiency at the forefront of our minds.

Reliable. Professional. Dependable.