About Richers

In 1935 Mr. Walter Richers was working for an ice vendor delivering ice to residences in Maryborough. Those were the days before refrigerators became common place.
The ice vendor ran into financial difficulties and Mr. Richers was given the truck in lieu of wages that were owed to him at the time. The truck was a T Model Ford.

Ice deliveries were carried out in the early hours of the morning which left the truck free for most of the day. Mr. Richers set about obtaining other work for the truck that could be carried out during normal working hours. That was the humble beginnings of Richers Transport.

From these humble beginnings, the Company has now established itself as a major provincial carrier, running the Eastern Seaboard of Australia.

The second generation of the Richers family today proudly owns and operates the company. Graham Richers is the Managing Director. The future is strong with the third generation now working in the company.

Richers Transport History

Today, our fleet has over 350 units consisting of prime movers, flat tops, taut liners, extendable and drop deck trailors, rigid trucks, fork lifts etc.

Our depots are modern, well planned and ably equipped for all freight tasks. 

In the year 2011, Richers Transport employed approximately 200 people located across seven sites in South East Queensland. Our vehicles travel 14 million kilometers annually, and with excellent risk management procedures, we aim for optimum safety of our people and all Australian road users.

About Richers Transport


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